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Pay Per View Listing System
The PPV Listing System (PPV-LS) is used to schedule PPV events / events which are used to provide metadata or PPV schedule to linear broadcast channels. The PPV-LS system will provide two output formats (TVPACK and TVA), whereby the TVPACK format will provide limited metadata information and the TVA format will provide enriched metadata information.
This document specifies the functionality provided by the PPV Listing System release 2.0.

·         Sport event creation tab
·         Generic Event creation tab
·         Generic Metadata tab
·         Event poster linkage to event.
·         Event listing creation
o   Synopsis
o   Key Words
o   Title
o   Genre
o   Language
o   Credits(authors)
o   Grouping information
·         Create schedule
·         Load schedule
·         Save schedule
·         Clear schedule
·         Delete a selected event
·         Update a selected event
·         Email notification
o   One destination mail address
o   Two CC mail addresses
·         Automatic FTP listing information
·         Manual FTP listing information
·         FTP poster transfer
·         Overlap event check
·         Confirmation for event to add.
·         User creation
·         Logging
·         Support of TVPACK format.
·         Support of TVA format